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Landscape Design

We love communication.

At dlb designs, we work with our clients to create outdoor living spaces that are beautiful, creative, functional, and easy to maintain.

Good communication helps us learn and meet each clients’ needs. We are responsive partners on your landscape team—you’ll always know where you are in the process. With our expertise and inventiveness, we ultimately arrive at a unique and sustainable design that can be enjoyed for years.


CADD/3D and Traditional Renderings

We do it all.

For homeowners that need specifications presented clearly, we can provide computer aided design and drafting documents (CADD), 3D renderings, and/or traditional hand rendered sketches of your own designs. We also offer this service to landscape design professionals who are looking to outsource for technology skills. Your designs can then be ready for installers and landscape contractors.


Woodwork / Specialty Decor

It’s all about the details. 

We can give your garden or outdoor living space a personality with custom décor, from unique garden art and furnishings to custom woodwork—and even one-of-a-kind cat stairs! We also design bespoke trellises, benches, bridges, arbors, and laser cut aluminum screens ready to be incorporated into any design style.

Give us a challenge!

We are known for our eco-friendly, quality landscaping that our clients in the Bay Area appreciate and trust. From small, neighborhood gardens to outdoor kitchens and entertainment spaces, we approach every project with care and meticulous detail. We believe in building lasting relationships with our clients, getting to know them and their personal style, so we can bring their vision to life. Let us highlight the best in your outdoor space. If you are looking to understand more about northern California landscape and plants, we can partner with you to achieve your goals of a beautiful design in the current climate. 

CADD/3D & Traditional Renderings

As professional drafters, we offer innovative, artistic solutions to various clients. We have developed our own personal style and we offer a unique perspective to every project we work on, whether it is a technical or artistic rendering. From a concept to the final product, you can trust us to deliver something special. Browse our work below to learn more about the projects we've created. Let us answer your landscaping questions

Woodwork / Specialty Décor

Custom-made wood products are often our most requested pieces. That’s because there is no better way to personalize your garden than with something specially created for you. We take extra steps to ensure each piece is an exquisitely designed one-of-a-kind product, often repurposing materials you already have on site. Is there something in mind you’d like created? Let us know and we'll be happy to get started.

Santa Clara Valley Water District

Conservation Rebates

If you live in Santa Clara and are looking for help with water conservation rebates, we can help you. This is our specialty, and we don’t even mind the paperwork! Nearly every job we do incorporates work that qualifies for a rebate. Large or small, we have been working with the county on landscape conversions for years. Let us translate those confusing Latin and Greek botanical names and exhausting calculations into a beautiful garden. Soon, you will have an outdoor space that is eco-friendly, water-wise, and easy to maintain. The only thing you’ll need to do is enjoy it.


Get started now! Rebate maximums are at an all-time high and are only available until funds run out. See details on their website by clicking below.

Learn More at SCVWD




Denise Bryant is a certified landscape designer with over 30 years of design experience. Denise specializes in creating beautiful, water-wise landscapes and sustainable outdoor living spaces in the northern California area.

With an understanding and vast resources in both hardscapes and plant materials, Denise is trained in all areas of landscape design and has a working knowledge of construction to aid in the installation of each design. From Asian-inspired to drought-tolerant gardens and county rebate lawn conversions, she has designed and helped install many landscapes and outdoor living spaces.

Denise truly listens to her clients and works collaboratively to meet their needs. She is responsive and informative and will guide clients through every decision to make the space personal for each client. With her vast skills and caring spirit, she takes a personal interest in each project and will stay involved in the process until the design is implemented.

Denise is a true outdoor and nature lover, spending her free time in her own easy-care garden—not performing maintenance, just enjoying the space and entertaining her family and friends in what she calls her “party yard.”

She is also an active member of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers Bay Area chapter (APLD) and an adjunct instructor at Foothill College, in the Environmental Horticulture & Design Department.